Return the metadata of a existing Datawrapper chart.

dw_retrieve_chart_metadata(chart_id, api_key = "environment")



Required. A Datawrapper-chart-id as character string, usually a five character combination of digits and letters, e.g. "aBcDe". Or a dw_chart-object.


Optional. A Datawrapper-API-key as character string. Defaults to "environment" - tries to automatically retrieve the key that's stored in the .Reviron-file by datawrapper_auth.


A S3-structure of type dw_chart with the elements from the Datawrapper-API stored under content. Same as in dw_create_chart.


Returns 'ok' if the API-key used was correct.


Returns the internal id of the chart - the same as used in chart_id.


Returns the chart's title.


Returns the chart's theme.


Chart's creation date.


Chart's last modification date.


Contains chart's specifications, like transpose, column formats, visualization settings, colors, titles and texts


Contains the chart's visualization settings.


Contains the chart's description settings, like title, source name and url, byline


Chart's publication date - if published yet.


The chart-author's id.


This function retrieves all metadata about a chart that's stored by Datawrapper. It is helpful to gain insights in the different options that might be changed via the API.


if (FALSE) { dw_retrieve_chart_metadata("aBcDE") } # uses the preset key in the .Renviron-file if (FALSE) dw_retrieve_chart_metadata(chart_id = "a1B2Cd", api_key = "1234ABCD") # uses the specified key